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The Jazz Saxophonist


The Jazz Saxophonist is a professional, fully featured music program containing studio-recordings of great jazz saxophone music. Listen to hot session players perform great
sounding jazz music, while you learn the
riffs and tricks!

We've recorded each instrument (sax, piano, bass and drums) on a separate track, allowing you to
listen to each part independently. Powerful multimedia features let you study the arrangements,
hear the music, and play along with top studio musicians.

This interactive program has great "chops" --nearly an hour of hot jazz plus tips and techniques. With seamlessly integrated MultiTrack audio, MIDI, chord symbols, and music notation, The Jazz Saxophonist
turns a typical sound card equipped PC into a jazz performance powerhouse.

Jam with the Band!

The Multimedia features of The Jazz Saxophonist give you the ability to mute or solo any
audio track independently and study or play the part yourself. On-screen notation shows
you the music and chord progressions as it scrolls by in perfect time with the band.
Unlike an ordinary CD recording, you can precisely control the audio mix by adjusting
the volume and balance controls for each instrument. Click Here for real audio soundclip

Learning Sax parts has never been easier!

Versatile multimedia features.

Hot Jazz!

Play The Jazz Saxophonist through your computer speakers in jukebox mode for listening enjoyment
or "jamming". Playback continues in the background of other programs so you can listen to your favorite
music while you work. Select your own playlist of favorite songs, or let the program automatically play the entire
library. All you need is a personal computer and a love of great jazz music!

Learn the Riffs.

Develop pro skills by studying the extensive performance notes. Each song is explained with
'inside' descriptions of techniques such as altissimo, shakes, growls and more. Advanced
multimedia features directly link each performance note to a real example in the music tracks. Loop,
Pause, Advance and Backup controls make learning easy. With The Jazz
Saxophonist you don't just hear how it's played, you see how it's played!

Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.
PC Soundcard or MIDI module.
CD-ROM Drive

Price - $79.95
Item -HS006